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Are you thinking about planning a special night out in the town? Maybe you have an event coming up, like a wedding, family celebration or Mitzvah and feel a bit overwhelmed with the details and don't know where to start? No matter what the reason may be, give into that guilty pleasure once in awhile and treat yourself with our hair and makeup promotion of only $150.00! It might even benefit your motivation, confidence and overall mental health. So why not take a couple steps out of your comfort zone and go beyond your makeup and hair routine. When you book your hair and makeup application appointment with Setsuko at Jean Claude Salon, you are booking with one of our highly skilled and experienced hair and makeup stylists.

"The confidence of looking your best" is what we strive for. We pride ourselves in our staff, as each team member has an insatiable passion for their craft. Our goal is to provide you with quality care and ensure that we exceed your expectations.  

The day of your event will be a long one, and all precautions for effortless beauty care should be taken care of! Here are a few steps to be taken prior to hairstyling to ensure a long lasting and beautiful style! They include: 

  • Day Two Hair: Day Two hair actually holds style much better. Just-washed hair can hold too much moisture and bounce to fully handle any heat styling that will last. After washing, be sure to leave your hair natural and avoid heat treatments, since it can be difficult to reverse the effects of already heat-styled hair. 
  • Product Free: Depending on your hairstyle, products may be used to keep the look in place such as hairsprays, gels or molding cremes. Coming in with a fully natural head of hair will make it a clean slate for any styling without any danger of over using products.
  • Pictures: This goes for hair and makeup. A photo speaks a thousand words, and we want to know exactly what you picture for your special look. Coming in prepared will make the process much smoother and faster, so we recommend bringing in as many photos of inspiration as you can, so we can give you the desired look.We want you to look and feel your best on your special day! With proper hair care, you can spend the day hassle-free (at least regarding your hair and makeup)! 

This will help your stylist in choosing the best hairstyle and makeup for your special day. Consider suggestions from our stylists, we will personalize your makeup look to bring out your best features for any occasion. We can ensure you that you will be confident and comfortable on your special day.

Photographs will last a lifetime, and you deserve to look and feel your best. They capture even the slightest blemish or imperfection, and your makeup should be applied perfectly and evenly. Even! if your normal daily routine involves only minimal makeup, only a professional makeup artist can make sure you look perfect in pictures. If you plan to try a new or dramatic look, having your hair and makeup done at our salon is especially important to ensure things go off without a hitch.