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PROM Hair Styles

While prom or graduation is one of the most memorable nights for any teenage girl, it can also be one of the most daunting. First, there’s the prom dress…then the prom hair…then the prom makeup…then the prom date…then the prom limo…the list goes on! Well, lovelies, we’re here to let you know that prom doesn’t have to be so difficult, and sometimes, just celebrating the end of high school and getting one step closer to adulthood with your best friends is all you need to have the perfect night.

Oh, and the perfect prom hairstyle, of course! Read on for our favorite prom hairstyles we know you’ll love.


* Glam waves and sexy curls – Big, loose curls and waves look totally glamorous, are super easy to create at home, and will give your hair beautiful volume without breaking the bank. To get the look, all you need is a large barrel curling and some extensions for instant length and gorgeous volume for to really pump up the drama.

*Chic Ponytail – There are two variations on this style – a high bubble ponytail, and a low, sleek bubble ponytail. We recommend to choose the high ponytail hairstyle if you want to show off your back and give off a fun and flirty feel, and the low ponytail and if you’d like to keep things more elegant and sophisticated.

*Gorgeous Braids – When choosing prom hairstyles for long hair, big, bold, beautiful braids are totally trendy for prom this year. Have fun with this one…formal hairstyles don’t have to be so serious! From messy, boho-inspired braids, to layered braids, to braids with flowers and pearls, the key here is lots of lengths and lots of volume for that mermaid look. The best way to achieve this is to add clip-in hair extensions, which can be strategically placed throughout your hair for added thickness while staying totally hidden.


*Messy Buns – There is nothing prettier than a classic big bun. The style is simple, but the volume and texture make it elegant- the perfect qualities for a gorgeous prom undo. This look will add sophisticated balance to detailed dress or gowns for that special night.

*Slick back look – Although a bit more high-fashion, we’re loving the slick, wet “just jumped out of the shower and brushed my hair back” look. This hairstyle has graced the red carpet on many occasions and you’ll be surprised to learn how easy this look is to recreate. This simple and easy hairstyle will make your prom night effortless looking.

*Elegant Updos- Updos are a classic hairstyle for prom, and never go out of style. Whether you have short hair or long hair, an updo adds elegance, timelessness, and sophistication to your look. Updo’s don’t have to be totally elaborate – in fact, you can create this updo by yourself at home, with beautiful results. A pretty updo that is easy to recreate is always a necessity in your beauty repertoire.

Whether any of this hairstyle is in your mood board for that prom night, make sure you plan it ahead of time either you DIY or for you to make it a hassle free! make sure to BOOK your favorite salon and stylist in advance.  Setsuko at Jean Claude is open six days a week for your hair services

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