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Why You Should Hire a Professional Makeup and Hair Artist For Your Wedding

Hair and makeup for your wedding day are one of the first things that brides usually cut from their wedding budget when their wedding day spending shows the first signs stress. Ouch! So we are giving you the reasons why it is beneficial to hire a professional makeup and hair artist for you that big day…


If you hire a makeup artist for wedding makeup, details like whether the cake is arriving on time won’t have to jostle with worrying if your makeup is even on both sides of your face or your eyeliner is wrong on one eye. Hiring a makeup artist means that you’ll be able to sit back and be pampered while your makeup is being applied; it’ll give you a chance to relax and catch your breath in a day that will surely be hectic enough without having to do your own makeup.

2. Color Choices

Professional makeup artists understand how to select the right colors for your skin, which is more of an art than a science. When you hire a makeup artist for wedding consultation, decisions about your colors are largely taken out of your hands. Your makeup artist wants you to look as beautiful as possible, but it’s important to do a trial run before the wedding to make sure you’re both on the same page.

3. Photos Last Forever

Photography is one of the biggest and most important investments on your wedding day. Looking your absolute best for the camera will make your photos look so much better. If you feel great, you will look great and vice versa!

4. Look Great All Day (and Night)

The professional makeup products in your makeup artist’s kit are likely meant to be both long-wearing and flexible. When you hire a makeup artist for wedding makeup, you can rest assured that you’ll keep looking your best all day and into the evening. Professional products do not break down or slide like regular makeup products do, so you’ll look your best when you walk down the aisle and when you leave your reception. Makeup artists have also worked on a lot of faces and have many tricks to help accentuate your best features and minimize the ones that might not be so great.

5. Be Stress-Free, Be Happy

On such an important day as your wedding, you can be nervous and stressed. Applying makeup takes a lot of patience that you may not have on your wedding day. The stress leading up to that big day could leave you with a breakout that is hard to conceal. Leave it to your professional makeup artist to be there, completely calm and capable. As a professional make up artist I can get you ready in a timely manner, and also make you look incredible. Getting pampered is so much more relaxing and so much better for a day that is supposed to be all about you!

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