16 Palmer Ave. Scarsdale, New York


Records/Press Junkets

The Butler
The Heat
Tower Heist
Harry Potter: The Exhibition
I don’t know how she does it
Despicable Me
It’s complicated
Prince of Egypt
For Love of the Game
American Beauty
Light It Up
Music of my Heart
Cider House Rules

Angela’s Ashes
Real Cancun
Van Helsing
Anaconda 2
Stage Beauty
The Sea Inside
Saving Face
Trust the Man
The Look Out
Wonder Boys
Rocky and Bullwinkle                                                         

Autumn in New York
Lost Soul
Up at the Villa
Joe Gould’s Secret
Where the Money is
Me Myself and Irene
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Just married
Intolerable Cruelty
The Manchurian Candidate
Christmas with the Kranks
Coach Carter
War of the Worlds
Pride and Prejudice
King Kong
Orange County
Casino Royal
About a Boy
Gosford Park
Vanilla Sky
Lord of The Rings
Spy Kids
Enemy at the Gate
Lord of The Rings 2
Nicholas Nickleby
The Life of David Gale
Italian Job
The Station Agent
Little Black Book
Sponge Bob
XXX 2 Next Level
Hustle and Flow
Jar Head
Hamlet 2
United 93
Alpha Dog
Westchester Magazine

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