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Bridal Hair & Beauty

Getting Started with Wedding Plan

Plan Ahead to Look Your Best!

It’s never too early to start a file folder to collect pictures and ideas from bridal and fashion magazines.

6 to 8 Months Prior to Your Wedding

Start looking for a hair stylist and makeup artist. Before interviewing a stylist, make sure she is available on your wedding day and ask to see her portfolio. It’s also wise to inquire if she will be personally working with you on your wedding day. Some stylists commit to multiple weddings on the same date by using assistants for the events they are unable to get to.

When it comes to working with a stylist and make-up artist, communication is everything. So trust your initial instincts and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that interest you. The best time to establish your compatibility is before you hire a stylist.

Three to Five Months Prior to Your Wedding

Book a bridal consultation with your stylist for a trial run. Before the consultation, go through your collection of pictures and chose your favorites. On the day of your consultation, try to wear a top that’s as close to the color of your wedding gown as possible. It’s also important to bring your headpiece and veil in order to see how they work with your hair style and makeup. If your headpiece and veil are not ready, ask the bridal store to lend you similar pieces from their collection of samples. If you prefer a special brand of makeup, such as a lipstick or eyeliner, bring it with you. The same is true for any jewelry items you are considering wearing.

The goal of the consultation is to try different styles until you truly love what you see. Bring a camera so you’ll know how you will look on your wedding day. Pictures make it easier for the stylist to duplicate the look you’ve chosen.

If you change your mind and want to find a different style, schedule a second consultation and duplicate the process.

The key to loving how you’ll look on your wedding day is to absolutely love how you look on your consultation day.

Consultation Checklist

Don’t forget to bring these to your consultation:

• Picture Collection Favorites
•Special Make-up (if you have a favorite brand or shade)
•Top that matches your wedding gown color
• Headpiece and Veil

When looking your best is everything, it’s essential to remember the importance of flawless make-up. For your wedding or other celebration, we’ll listen to your expectations and work to provide what you are looking for. You want to look and feel beautiful and with a comprehensive line of products and services our creative team is poised to make you feel your absolute best for your special event. We’re also prepared to offer our services for your entire bridal party and family as well.

Because of our experience with commercial photo shoots, we’re familiar with the effects photographers’ lights have on your make-up. We’ll design a look for you that is both breathtaking on your special day and long-lasting in photographs for years to come. Perhaps that’s why so many photographers recommend us to their bridal clients.

Setsuko has many years of track records doing weddings & bridal makeups for the county’s residents and been featured in Westchester Magazine a couple of times: