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13 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

1. Going overboard on red wine, chocolate or super-dark foods like berries:

Invest in a professional teeth-whitening service. If you’re on a tighter budget, Crest Whitestrips are as close to magic

2. Tanning too much:

You are putting yourself at risk of skin damage, but getting too dark a tan can actually look unnatural in wedding photos

3. Getting your first-ever bikini wax just before the wedding:

The first time could result in pain, irritation, and discomfort that you don’t want sneaking up on you on your wedding day.

4. Changing your birth control, skincare routine, laundry detergent (etc.) less than six weeks out:

New products or altering your medication could lead to unexpected reactions. Try to make any big changes with enough time to test them out or switchback.

5. Getting a facial, brow wax, haircut or hair color two days or closer to your wedding:

You should be getting any beauty treatments like these no later than a week before your big day.

6. Eating too much sodium in the week of the wedding:

Sodium holds 50 times its weight in water, cutting back can help you feel less bloated the week of your wedding

7. Straightening your hair on the day of your hair trial or wedding:

If you decide to run your flat-iron through your hair, wash it out before your wedding day so your stylist can work their magic from scratch.

8. Sitting around in a bra the morning of your wedding:

Avoid unsightly pink indents or red lines on your back and shoulders, by wearing a soft, wireless bra or bralette.

9. Not drinking enough water:

Double up on your water intake for at least one month prior to your wedding to keep your skin clear and glowing.

10. Forgoing a beauty emergency kit:

A wedding day emergency kit will be a lifesaver. Include different sized safety pins, double-sided sticky tape, a small sewing kit, a small pair of scissors, a bleach pen, bobby pins, hair spray, blotting papers, gum or mints, a razor, deodorant, Band-Aids, a small packs of tissue, nail polish remover, clear nail polish, makeup remover wipes, tampons, and anything else you think you might need.

11. Forgetting to touch up:

Bring a touch-up bag and actually use the products at your reception.

12. Crying off all your makeup:

With a tissue in each hand, press gently and let the tears run into the tissue.

13. Not sending photos to your hair and makeup artists:

Your pros want to see how beautiful you looked, so don’t forget to send a few of your favorite shots.

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