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Children Styles and Kids Haircuts – Salon Tips and Advice

Westchester county best Children Kids Haircuts - Experts Stylists and Kids Haircut Salon Tips & Advice Girl or Boy, your child’s beginning years are filled with so many first activities, everything from the first words and first steps to the first haircut. (And in just a few years, don’t they look so grown-up after? Waaa!) Many of these happen naturally and spontaneously, some you can’t fully control. But your kid’s first haircut and style are some of the things that you can control (thankfully!) and plan for. Enjoy these and plan with the help of a few expert tips here:

    • – First of all, toss out the word “cut” since it likely holds a negative connotation in your child’s world. From now on, refer to it as a “trim” or “style.”
    • – There’s no magical age for your child’s first hair trimming. You’ll know it’s time when hair is getting in your child’s eyes, is bothersome around their ears or neck, or when whispy flyaway hairs on the sides start looking like wings.
    • – Months or weeks before a trim is in order, take your child to the salon with you for your own or an older sibling’s hair trim. Let them observe the experience, learn what to expect, and anticipate their own turn someday.
    • – Allow your child to bring a favorite toy or book to hold in the seat to soothe them and occupy their hands.
    • – Schedule the appointment for a time of day that is best for your child. Naptime, snack time, and that fussy afternoon witching hour should be avoided at all costs.
    • – If your child has a difficult time sitting still, allow them to sit on your lap during the haircut.
    • – Bring a change of clothes with you just in case your child doesn’t want to wear the cape.

We’re Expert Stylists in Children & Kids Haircuts – Trims

Taking your child to get a haircut can be a daunting task, but the professionals at Setsuko At Jean Claude in Scarsdale, NY are here to make it very easy. We offer a fun, relaxing environment where your children can get a great haircut at an affordable price.

Our salon staff has years of experience working with kids of all ages (boys and girls). We are trained to serve every type of child, whether they are scared to come in for their first haircut, have special needs, or would simply rather be anywhere else. It’s our goal to make sure your child gets a great haircut and has fun while visiting our salon.


Westchester County's best Kids and children Haircuts and styles - Scarsdale NY Hairsalon

If you’re not sure what type of haircut you or your child wants, rest assured our stylists and haircutters are always up to date on the latest styles and trends for boys and girls, so we can help you figure out a cut that will fit your child’s personality and be to their liking.

As a parent, you can also feel confident in allowing us to cut your child’s hair, as our salon and equipment are meticulously kept clean. We take pride in our great customer service and quality of work and want that to shine through in our facility.

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