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Pro Tips For Your Hair Care During Winter Season

Winter can really take a toll on your hair’s health and ultimately its look and manageability. The harsh wind, cold and dry air, cranked up thermostats and rain that come with this time of year can really mess with your plans for looking fresh and festive for your Christmas and New Year’s bashes. With some easy adjustments to your routine, you don’t have to fall victim to dull, frizzy and lifeless locks this season.

Setsuko at Jean Claude Salon, Scarsdale Westchester NY has some tips that will lead you flawlessly from Winter season to Spring.

The first suggestion to put some life back into your strands and prevent brittleness can be done under one condition…. Condition! Making an investment in a great deep conditioner or mask for your specific hair type is one you won’t regret. All it takes to add some much-needed moisture and luster to your mane is to pick one day a week to apply a deep conditioning treatment, focusing on your mid-length to ends, take 10 minutes to think happy and healthy hair thoughts, rinse and then marvel at the magic that was created.

Next pro tip is to avoid heat as much as possible. We’re talking blow driers on their highest heat setting, curling and flat irons cranked to their max, heaters in your home or car turned up too high, sitting in front of the fireplace and hot water. We know it’s tempting to blast that stuff the moment you get in from the cold but going from one temperature extreme to another is shocking to your drier and more fragile hair this time of year and will ultimately leave it dehydrated and rough. If you MUST use heat tools, then a professional stylist will tell you that you MUST use heat protection. It is never a bad idea though to add a heat styling spray directly on your hair before using a hot tool to ensure maximum protection from damage and dehydration.

Stay hydrated. Warm drinks are so comforting in the winter- coffee, hot chocolate, tea, apple cider, mulled wine. But they shouldn’t be considered a replacement for water intake throughout your day. Your body is about seventy percent water, which means your hair, skin, and nails rely heavily on H2O to stay healthy and grow. Our clients can always enjoy a delicious hot beverage crafted to their individual liking while they enjoy a service. We also offer water which can help encourage rehydration for overall wellness in the driest months of the year.

Be Gentle. Your hair is more delicate with all of the aforementioned conditions it’s under. Tangle-Free brushes are a life saver for strands at extra risk for breakage. We love them at the salon and can show you the miracle they are on your next visit and hook you up with one for yourself or as a winning stocking stuffer for someone you love. Avoid too-tight styles. Rubber bands and tight ponytails can enhance the likelihood of breakage. Opt for looser or all-down styles and experiment with headbands and bobby pins. Christmas is also the perfect time to try out some decorative hair pieces.

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