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Should I Wash My Hair Before My Color Service?

We have clients come in almost daily and ask if they should wash their hair before highlighting or coloring. If you’re coming in to get your color done, it’s better to leave your hair dirty ( the second day, the third day is fine). It makes it easier for our stylists to place foils in your hair and the color actually holds better to dirty hair due to clean hair being too slippery. Clean hair will prevent the color from properly absorbing into the hair’s cuticle. Also, the natural oils help protect your scalp from possible irritation the color could cause.

There are some exceptions to the “no shampoo rule”. Such as, if you go swimming in a chlorinated pool the day of your color appointment, you must shampoo the chlorine out or there could be some funky results when the color reacts with the chlorine! Or, if you work out hard before a color service, wash your hair. Excessively oily hair lifts poorly, processes slowly, and doesn’t color well. You should also make sure any cover-up products or dry shampoos you use to disguise your roots between services are out before you get to our salon.

These can create barriers which the color won’t be able to penetrate well through. Hairspray can be brushed out before the service, and most non-oily products are fine. Styling products are generally okay unless you used an excessive amount. If you have to shampoo before your visit to our salon before highlighting or coloring, always come with dry hair. While color takes fine of damp hair, damp hair pulls a lot when your sectioning and you will be much more comfortable with a dry head of hair.

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