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Easy Curly Hair Routine

Need some tips on how to care for your curly locks? Or just looking for some inspiration on how to change up your own routine? below see how you can go from wet, stretched-out curls to dry, defined, voluminous frizz-free hair! To all of our curly-haired girls out there – this one’s for you!

Step 1: Shower & Shampoo

One of the first steps to your hair routine is to wash hair using warm, but not scorching hot, water.
We recommend using sulphate, silicone, and paragon-free products. The more natural, the better for textured hair.
Try using a scalp massaging hair brush when lathering on your shampoo – this helps stimulate hair growth and overall feels amazing on the head!

Step 2: Conditioner = Your Best Friend

Don’t be shy with conditioner, especially if you find your hair to be dry. You can really never use enough conditioner. Did we mention that we like conditioner?
Focus your conditioner on the mid-shaft area and down – this helps hydrate and add moisture back into your hair.
You can always place a little bit of product on the roots of your hair and face-framing pieces.
Rinse out conditioner with cold water to lock in the shine.

Step 3: Stylers & Rinse

Use a styler in the shower while hair is still wet. The best way to apply the product is to rake it through your hair and scrunch it in for extra volume.
Creams work well, however, try to steer away from gels as they can make your hair feel crunchy.
It is best to use a micro-fiber towel to dap your hair dry, as this type of material will help minimize frizz.

Step 4: Air Dry or Diffuser

If you’re in a rush and need to get out the door, we recommend using a diffuser to dry your hair.
If you have the time, however, it is best to let your hair air-dry.
For extra volume at your roots, you can flip your hair within 10-minute intervals while you wait for it to dry.

Step 5: Finish Off Your Look

For the perfect touch, try using a shine serum or spray through your hair, preferably a product that is sulphate, paragon, and silicone free.
This will help eliminate fly-aways and help finalize and define your curls.

Ready to rock on your Curls? Hope this post helped you with your curly hair daily rituals. Tune in to the next blog…

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